Course 1-12

Bachelor of Science in Climate System Science and Engineering

Degree Structure

The Bachelor of Science in Climate System Science and Engineering ensures a solid foundation of the necessary fundamental science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology with advanced study in how to model and analyze complex climate and environmental phenomena. Students also work together with their advisor to select elective subjects in a broad range of social science disciplines to develop an understanding of the political and social issues tied to addressing climate change. The MIT-centric major teaches hard analytic and computational skills and prepares students to use these skills to solve global-scale environmental problems. The major is particularly designed to combine earth system science together with engineering systems, with a flexible module of restricted electives to design your own course of study.


Opportunities to Tailor Your Course of Study:

The program offers the flexibility to build on a core of climate classes and pursue tracks for further in-depth study in specialized areas such as: